Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

What we are suggesting is that you become part of a UK network of career professionals that is distinctive; a network recognised as an active community that shapes career thinking and influences change in career development work.

However, this distinctive community has its feet on the ground.  We realise that because you are a member there needs to be clear value for you in very real terms.  To make this straightforward we’ve created a focus on four areas that integrate tightly using our website to provide you with a package that can only serve to raise your professional standing and improve your business.


Areas where you will gain benefits from ACPi-UK


Business Development

Fundamental to the success of any professional body is the success of its membership.  In very practical terms we provide:


  1. An opportunity to raise your visibility
    Members each have a personal profile page on our website.  The profile allows you to present yourself and your business and provide links to other websites and social networking tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. An opportunity to raise your credibility
    We invite you to submit articles, press releases and service announcements that promote what you are doing in terms of research or your business.  We reserve some editorial control to ensure what people see on our public website represents the high quality standards your clients expect.
  3. An opportunity to find business
    As they become available we host tenders and requests for associate working.  In this way independent practitioners and small associate groups will be able to bid for larger scale and international projects.
  4. An opportunity to increase your profits
    We negotiate discounts with reputable psychometric test publishers and other service providers so you gain the best price for your own business. In some situations you can resell products and services at a profit alongside your own normal offerings.
  5. An opportunity to reach a wider market
    When announcing your products and services you will be able to attach documents and other media that the network can pass around in a viral fashion, just like we are asking you to circulate this document.
  6. An opportunity to improve your business development
    Whilst our professional development programme will provide extremely high quality materials we also run a programme to teach you skills in how to market and grow your business.  Carefully selected professionals provide valuable input and teach you what you need to know, or offer discounted services that save you the time.


Practitioner Discussion 

The members-only section of our website is evolving into an important resource.  From mid-November you will be able to:

  1. Participate in Special Interest Groups
    Initially using online forums we will promote active discussion and sharing of best practice in key areas of the careers profession.
  2. Participate in Open Debate
    When you have questions relating to your personal, professional or business development there will be a place to ask and debate the issue.
  3. Share Local Market Intelligence
    Critical to our success is timely information, regional groups will be able to share vital information and enhance collaborative working.
  4. Participate in Regional and National Events
    Not only will information about events organised by ACPi-UK and other networks be available, you’ll be able to find out if they really are worth attending.

Professional Development (CPD)

As a member of the ACPi-UK Network we will expect you to take your professional development seriously.  The level of quality in what we offer is high, drawing on the expertise of Thought Leaders in UK Careers to create not only a solid programme, but one that includes cutting-edge ideas and innovation for day-to-day practice.

The programme that we deliver, to which you you have access as a member, is published on our website but we are also anxious to hear what your needs might be.  Please feel free to tell us using our online survey.

Some of our members belong to a number of professional groups but for those that do not we let you know about their events and where possible negotiate a discount to enable you to attend.

Our CPD programme is backed up with access to on-going support using our forums and over time you will be able to find and contribute to a rich library of materials available across the Internet but organised and rated for your benefit.

Critical to the success of our CPD programme is your willingness to participate and we warmly invite you to contact us if you would like to contribute a resource or lead a key topic of discussion.

Hot Topics

Hot Topics is a newsletter style update on news and issues affecting the career sector.

Looking at market trends, latest research as well as news and events in our own network the regular update will keep you current and also enable you to discuss it all on our forum.  Don’t forget, when you are part of our community you will be among career specialists that are interested in innovative and cutting edge careers practice, so the debate could well be fascinating.

 So Why Would you NOT Join Us?

You can join today, online using our special Join Us link.  You have a lot to gain.

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