Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in your organisation but I wouldn’t refer to myself as a ‘career professional’ since career work is only a small part of my job – does that mean I’m not eligible to join?
Membership is open to anyone working broadly in the arena of careers, so even if it is a small part of the job you will probably find that you are eligible to join. We don’t see ourselves as an exclusive club and we recognise the value of having a diverse membership in order to enrich our understanding of careers as a whole. See the membership pages for further information on membership categories and talk to one of the board members about your specific situation.

Best of all, come along to a meeting! There’s no substitute for being there and meeting members to know whether an organisation is right for you.
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Some networking groups guarantee business contacts – is that something that ACP International UK does?
Firstly, ACP International UK is not primarily a networking group. It is an organisation established to support the professional development of those working in careers. This professional development occurs through a variety of routes – conferences, local meetings, Webinars, teleconferences etc.

Networking also continues to be a powerful means of enhancing our learning and experience as a career professional, and many of our members will tell you of work they have secured through contacts to the organisation. This is inevitable as we are a community with shared standards, goals and principles and recommendations are easy to validate within the membership.
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Can an American–based organisation really have anything to offer me, as a career practitioner working in the UK?
ACP International began in the USA and has developed since its inception to encompass over 30 countries world-wide. The international focus is something which members find truly valuable in enhancing our understanding of careers, particularly as many of our clients are increasingly having spells of work abroad and also as those from other countries are increasingly seeking work in the UK. As career professionals, we really need to be aware of the labour picture internationally in order to provide appropriate support.

As an organisation, we operate on three levels – international, national and local – and we recognise the importance of each of those, so you’ll find, as a member, that career issues specific to the UK aren’t ignored in favour of the international picture. We aim to keep a balance between the three and seek feedback from our members to ensure that this happens.
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I’m not sure I'm a ‘career professional’ – does that mean I’m not eligible to join?

Does ACP International UK guarantee business contacts?

Can an American–based organisation really have anything to offer me in the UK?