Our Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values

Our Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values

As a group of professionals operating across many different sectors of the industry we keep ourselves focussed by ensuring that we have a clear statement of our purpose, mission, vision and values to which we refer when considering our activities.

Purpose – What are we here for?

To be a distinctive and recognised professional body for career professionals in the UK, a community of interest and shared learning capable of shaping career thinking.

To be a force for influencing change in career development work, and the representative voice in the UK for career specialists interested in innovative, cutting edge practice.

Mission – How will we serve that purpose?

We have formed an elected leadership team in the UK. We will support and enhance the work of our members through appropriate membership events, services and representation.

We will promote, support and increase branch activity and CPD events, increase membership numbers, define, shape and broadcast clear local and UK-focused membership benefits, enhance our web presence, establish an effective member communication strategy, issue regular newsletters addressing topical practitioner issues, provide tools and resources to help members review their practice and build and grow careers businesses, and review and renew policy statements and codes of conduct.

Vision – Where are we going?

We intend to make ACPi-UK a member-focused, effective professional body innovatively addressing our members’ needs whilst having a vocal presence on the national careers stage.

Values – Our guiding principles

  • Setting and expecting professional and ethical standards in career management work
  • Welcoming others and encouraging them in their growth as professionals
  • Sharing resources and information openly, communicating clearly and concisely to busy professionals
  • Creating and encouraging networks of interested and committed individuals
  • Working in the common interest of career professionals and those with an interest in career management work
  • Working collaboratively, transparently, respectfully and honestly