ACP International is a global organization, dedicated to advancing public awareness of the career management profession, as well as promoting the international profile and credibility of its varied membership.

Following negotiations during 2011 with ACP International head office and discussions across the UK membership network the UK leadership team decided to follow the model of some other international networks by providing additional independent member services within the UK.  To this end existing and potential members of ACP International now have the opportunity to join both ACP International and, separately, ACPi-UK.

The UK network, whilst maintaining the essence of the international organisation,  is specifically committed to supporting career professionals operating in the UK and addressing issues that are specific to the UK industry.

The Leadership Team and many of our UK members have a long-standing commitment to ACP International and benefit from its global perspective and range of membership services.  We do not in any way wish to discourage members from retaining that connection.  The Leadership Team support the work of ACP International and contribute to its Executive.

ACPi-UK are very clear that that there is a need for UK-specific member services, communication, learning events and other forms of support.  We also want to play our part in putting the careers industry on the map at a time when much is changing in careers provision in the UK.  To provide these services and to make our voice heard in the UK, we will use UK subscriptions to enhance our ability to deliver an effective presence and valuable resources.

Practically these goals will result in a multi-strand CPD programme that will include webinars, live networking and learning events, member resources and information. The ACPi-UK website will offer member-only resources and enable members to promote their services to the public.

Refer to our Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values to gain further insight into ACPi-UK